Golden Rule Leads

Discover Why We Are the Most Trusted Pay Per Call Lead Provider In 2017


Why businesses choose Golden Rule Leads for their lead generation:


  • We only charge for real calls.  We don’t charge for telemarketers, and repeat calls.
  • We offer exclusive territories.  We won’t sell the same lead to your competition like other lead generation services.
  • At Golden Rule Leads you aren’t just a number.  Because we work with only one business exclusively in an area, we build long term relationships.

If you’re interested in learning more about our pay per call program for your business and how you can lock out your competition, call us at 208-450-2114


  • Drive customer calls to your business
  • Performance marketing at its best
  • Only pay for qualified calls
  • Golden Rule Leads


Step 1

We are experts at understanding exactly where customers search online for your services and then redirecting that targeted traffic to call our phone that we forward to your place of business. The challenges local business owners face today cannot be found in spending limited marketing dollars on the next big online craze like social media, Facebook, Twitter, higher search engine rankings (although those can be beneficial) we decided as a company to deliver exactly what you want live prospects calling you.

Step 2

We take the risk and confusion out of online marketing for local business owners by investing and testing the best methods to drive targeted traffic to pick up the phone and call you for your specific services. No other marketing company offers risk free marketing to local business owners. All you have to do is answer the phone:) Simple direct risk free marketing the way it should be.

Step 3

You only pay for qualified calls from customers who want and need your services. We have a unique system that tracks calls and determines if they are qualified prospect or not depending on your criteria. Wrong number, a client outside your service area, and solicitation calls are never charged. Our business is delivering you real buyers not tire kickers. Golden Rule Leads is a pay per call performance company like no other driving qualified customers to your phone and increasing your bottom line.

Our Guarantee

Golden Rule Leads’s guarantee is like no other marketing company on the planet. After you and your assigned Golden Rule Leads rep have worked out a price per call for qualified calls you will then receive an invoice via e-mail every Sunday. If for whatever reason you don’t feel that we did not provide you exactly what you wanted then simply tear up the invoice and we will part ways on good terms. At Golden Rule Leads we understand that if you invest a dollar in marketing that after all your expenses you must make a profit likewise if you invest a dollar in marketing with us you must make a profit in order for our relationship to continue. Hence, our 7 day rolling guarantee if for any reason when you receive your invoice once per week you feel it was not of value to your company and bottom line don’t pay it. At Golden Rule Leads we deliver quality calls guaranteed or you don’t pay.

Who Are We?

Golden Rule Leads is pay per call performance company that

specializes in doing one thing….getting targeted prospects to call your business.